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The Loire River interregional programme

« Integrated » action plan for reducing Loire basin businesses vulnerability to flooding.

European Union

Actions supported by the European Union in the framework of the Loire River Interregional Operational Programme 2007-2013

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« Integrated » action plan for reducing Loire basin businesses’ vulnerability to flooding

The Loire River interregional programme, known as “Plan Loire grandeur nature” was decided by the French government in 1994, after fierce ecological conflicts concerning the construction of dams. Initially a top-down approach, this Plan has become, 15 years later, an interesting example of stakeholders’ involvement, opening the way to a “peaceful” (not to say “smooth”) integrated management of the Loire river basin.

From 2007 to 2013, this Plan can rely on two interregional legal and financial instruments: As regards the national framework, a State/Water Agency/Regions/Loire River Basin Authority contract; As regards the European framework, an EU Operational Programme with ERDF funding. The global budget for the 2007-2013 period amounts to 400 M€.

In the framework of this Plan, the key fields of action are the following: Prevention and management of flood risks / Reinforcement of dikes, levees and spillways / Management of water resources / Enhancement of the Loire Valley natural and cultural heritage / Development of research and data exchange.